Mondays - 8.30pm - 9.30pm

Kingston Vale Venue



**   Please note that both Beyond Basics and Advanced Classes will be held together for the foreseeable future   **                      


March 2018            Monday 12th  March 2018

                                Monday 26th  March 2018

April 2018               Monday 9th April 2018



The Advanced Class operates on a purely come as you please basis and is held once every 2 weeks at our Kingston Vale Venue.  This class is open to any dog that has completed a Basic Obedience Course and some further Obedience Training either on our Beyond Basics Classes or similar lessons with another Training School.

Our Advanced Class is structured to build on already trained behaviours, making them much more reliable and adding further increased distractions requiring your dogs work rate to increase while learning precise obedience behaviours including:



·  If you use a Clicker to train, we explore how and why the Clicker can improve your dog’s understanding and reliability of a behaviour.  We work on enhancing your skills as a Clicker Trainer, developing your understanding of how and why the Clicker works. 

Regardless of if you use a Clicker, "bridge-word" or lure and reward, this class will take you forward.

In this class, we continue to train for the KCGCDS Silver and Gold level.

It is so important for both you and your dog to have some fun whilst training so in this class we enjoy teaching some fun behaviours/tricks as in the Beyond Basics Class and many new ones as well.

  • Heelwork

  • Retrieve

  • Out of Sight Stays

  • Distance Controls

  • Finishes


Fun Behaviours will also be taught:

  • Giving Paws

  • Playing Dead

  • Bows

  • Spinning

  • Turning



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