If you are unsure what Agility is, let us explain a bit about it

Agility first started in this country in 1978 and has its first public showing at Crufts the following year. It was an immediate success and since then has grown in popularity to the point where every country has Agility for dogs in one form or another, it was quickly realised that the dogs themselves enjoyed it very much and this is why it has become such a spectator's sport. To see a dog and their handler working together and enjoying them selves so much caught on very quickly.

Agility is about training yourself and your dog as a team, to run a course consisting of jumps, dog-walk, A-frame, See-saw and a range of other equipment/obstacles.

Agility is both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog and yourself.

It is open to all dogs - pure breed or cross-breed. The only requirement is that your dog is fit, healthy and at least 12 - 18 months old depending on size (see below).

Up to Border Collie Size               -        minimum starting age 12 months.

Up to Golden Retriever Size        -        minimum starting age 15 months.

Up to German Shepherd Size      -       minimum starting age 18 months.

capablecanines is a fun orientated facility for Agility. We are a non-competitive club, however, should you wish to compete, we will train you to the required standard and give loads of support and encouragement.


Starters Agility Training Course

6-week course

Sunday - 10.00am - 11.00am 

There will be no Starter's Agility Courses for a few Months.

We will keep this page updated with further news.


Our Sunday Morning Class takes place in order to give as many people access to Agility as possible. it is a 6-week course and our aim is to introduce you and your dog to each piece of equipment teaching them to negotiate the equipment, teaching them to negotiate the equipment safely and to get your dog working off lead and completing a short course.


Intermediate Agility Class

Sundays - 11.15am - 12.30pm

The intermediate class is on a come as you please basis and follows on from the Basic Course. This class is designed to give both you and your dog increased confidence on the equipment, get you working as a team, plus problem-solving. When you are both ready you will move into the advanced class.


Advanced Agility Class

Sunday Mornings - 11.15am - 12.30pm


The advanced class is on a come as you please basis. This class is for dogs and handlers who have worked through both Starters & Intermediate Agility either with us or another Training School. in this class you will e taught the finer points of Agility including problem solving, different techniques, better control and lots of fun things you can do with Agility.



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