Monday - 8.30pm - 9.30pm

Kingston Vale Venue



October 2017           23rd October

November 2017       6th & 27th November

December 2017       11th December


This class is designed to follow directly on from our Foundation Course.  The Beyond Basics class will concentrate on and improve the reliability of the behaviours already learnt in the Foundation Course.  Further distractions will be added, food will be removed from solid learned behaviours, and work will be done outside when possible. We will also be working towards taking you through the KCGCDS Bronze level if you wish to take part in the KCGCDS awards.

Regardless of if you use a Clicker, bridge-word or lure and reward, this class will take you forward. We will be consolidating behaviours already learned and introducing behaviours such as:

      We will be working on “life-skills” and basic manners such as:   

·    We will also include some fun behaviours such as:

The Beyond Basics Class is held once every 2 weeks on a come as you please basis at our Kingston Vale Venue. 


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