We hope you have enjoyed reading about capablecanines. If you do decide to join us, you will be given our help, advice and support at all times. With our help you can experience the unique relationship and bond that can be built between yourself and man's best friend.



Puppy Classes                            80.00 for a set of 4 x 75-minute classes 

Foundation Course                    110.00 for a 6-week course  -   6 x 75-minute classes

Beyond Basics Class                  10.00 per class  (60-minutes)

Advanced Class                          10.00 per class  (60-minutes)



Starter's Course                         110.00 for a 6-week course  (6 x 60-minute classes)

Intermediate Class                     10.00 per class  (75-minutes)

Advanced Class                           10.00 per class  (75-minutes)



Recall Workshop                          50.00 per workshop  (3-hours)


One to One Training

One to One Puppy Visit                 70.00 per visit (90-minutes)

One to One Training                      70.00 per session  (90-minutes)

One to One Recall Session            70.00 per session (90-minutes)

One to One Foundation Course    195.00 for the 3 x 90-minute sessions required          

One to One Behavioural Consultations/Training  -  dependent on requirements please call us for prices


Dog Walking

60-minute walk                         15.00  (discount given for more than 1 dog in household)

60-minute walk including Training       30.00



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