"Grumpy Dogs"


Is your dog a grumpy dog?  Does your dog     

Growl/Bark uncontrollably at other Dogs/Strangers/Visitors?

Lunge or act aggressively towards Dogs/Strangers ?

Lunge/bark or overreact towards joggers/cyclists/motorbikes?

Do you feel uncomfortable being around other dogs/people for fear of your dogs reaction?

Do you have to walk your dog when you know there will be no other dogs around?

Does your dog act aggressively when you are near their food bowl or when they have a treat?

Does your dog act aggressively when you try and take a toy away from them?

Do your dog act aggressively when you try and remove them from furniture/beds?

Have you a rescue dog which you were told was fine with dogs/people only to find that they are not?


If the answer to any of the above is yes then dont leave it any longer, call us and have a chat about your dogs issues. By doing this, you will be making the first step towards understanding, stabilising and rehabilitating your dog.

Unreasonable expectations are placed on our dogs nowadays. The way in which we live our lives today is partly to blame. We live in close proximity to each other, which in turn forces our dogs to do the same and having a "Grumpy Dog" can be very isolating and stressful for you, their owner. A "Grumpy Dog" is often "demonised" by people that see them when they are displaying their "reactive" behaviour when in fact the majority of "Grumpy Dogs" are dogs that find life scary/threatening - suffer from anxiety/stress and their greatest need in life is to be understood and protected.

Dave specialises on dogs with any aggression issues or any dog that is over reactive. He has worked with dogs with these issues for many years he says "so many dogs with these issues are very misunderstood and demonised and we understand how stressful & isolating this can be. To work with these dogs and see the results that can be achieved is so rewarding".

It is easy to teach a dog a behaviour such as "sit" "down" "recall" but when working with "grumpy dogs" we are dealing with your dogs emotions and teaching them how to control their emotions it can be likened to a person who has anger problems they can attend an "anger management" course they can be taught how to control their anger but their anger always has to be managed.

You will learn how you can control the environment that you put your dog in. We will show you how to relax in what can be a distressing situation, give your dog the correct signals and help them control their own emotions with compassion and love, never through fear or force.

We cannot promise you that we can turn an aggressive dog into a friendly dog, but we can help you gain a much greater understanding of your "Grumpy Dog" and help you enjoy a much happier, less stressful relationship with your very special "Grumpy Dog".



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