**Set of 4 puppy socialisation/life skills/early training -  date to be confirmed.  For the foreseeable future our Beyond Basics and Advanced Classes will be held together with the next class being on Monday 12th March 2018.  We offer one to one training sessions  -  behavioural consultations  -  one to one recall sessions  -  one to one puppy sessions  -  please call us for further details**

Training is a very important step in your dog’s life and choosing a good Training School which will recognise your dog’s ability and help you teach them the "life skills" that they need will enrich your dog’s life. If you decide to join us at capablecanines you will be given the help, encouragement, support and advice that both you and your dog deserve at all times, not just for the duration of the class/course. A well trained and flexible dog can process new information and adjust to varying situations. By teaching and guiding your dog you will experience the unique relationship and lifelong bond that can be built between you both.          

Dave along with his wife Cherylyn have owned and lived with their own dogs for over 30 years. They have both given their time freely over those years to work with, rehabilitate & rehome many rescue dogs. Dave says "For over 30 years, I have had the honour and privilege to live with and share my life with dogs. They have taught me so much and I am the person that I am today because of the lessons I have learned from them. Those dogs, both our own and the dogs that we have worked with have taught us both so many valuable lessons both about human nature and how truly amazing dogs are"

Dave and Cherylyn have had over 25 years of experience both as Trainers, and working with dogs with behavioural problems with Dave choosing to specialise in canine aggression. He has completed many courses in Canine Behavioural Psychology and how dogs learn and attended many seminars & workshops and continues to do so to further his knowledge as he strongly believes that every dog is an individual and learns differently".

Dave is a member of the APDT (MAPDT 00343). The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) ensures that only Kind, Fair & Effective methods of training are carried out by their members. Members of the APDT must continue to develop their knowledge of dogs and training skills, be fully insured and adhere to a strict code of practice.

Dave says "Owners have their own individual techniques of teaching their dogs which needs to be nurtured. I encourage owners to enjoy being with their dogs while teaching them the behaviours that they want and the life skills that they need, with compassion and love, never through fear or force which in turn can lead to a breakdown of trust in their relationship with their dogs. I hope that you will share my passion and enjoy the journey and rewards that positive reinforcement training can bring."

Here at capablecanines we truly believe in motivating both yourself and your dog to achieve the most rewarding relationship possible that can be achieved by training and mutual understanding. The emphasis in all of our classes/workshops is to create a happy, relaxed and calm atmosphere for both owners and their dogs.

We hope you enjoy looking at our website and invite you to come along and watch any class that you are interested in on a Sunday or Monday (see class times and venues). You do not have to make an appointment, just turn up and watch a class and have a chat with us.  Alternatively, give us call and we will be happy to have a chat, give advice and answer any questions that you may have.



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