If you are unable to attend one of our classes because either the day or time does not suit you then capablecanines can offer one to one training on a day and time to suit you.

One to one obedience training can include:

Sits, Down, Stands, Stays, Lead-walking, recalls clicker training, a refresher course or even adding new ideas and behaviours to your dog's previous training.

One to one obedience training will help you with behavioural problems including:

Separation Anxiety - A dog that cannot be left alone. They may cry, bark, howl and generally get distressed.

House Training - If you are having trouble completely house-training your dog.

Dog to Dog  or  Dog to Human aggression.

Excessive Barking - is your dog's barking at either other dogs or people excessive?

Insecurity - Does your dog follow you everywhere?

Do you have a rescue dog either from a rescue centre or that you have taken from a friend who couldn't cope and need help in understanding what they now need from you.

Does your dog behave like a maniac around the front door? Do you find visitor's coming in a challenge?

These are just a few examples of the many problems that you may be having. capablecanines will help you to understand why your dog is behaving as it is and give you the advice/ knowledge/techniques & support that you will need to work on solving the problems

If you are interested in one to one training either for obedience or behavioural issues please call us for an informal chat and further details. 



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