Puppy Socialisation & Life Skills Classes    

for all puppies that have had their 1st vaccination at least 7 days before classes start


Ham Venue

10.30am-12.00pm  (90-minutes)


New set of 4 classes starting:       


January 2018         Kingston Vale Venue  - date to be confirmed

please note that we will not be holding puppy classes on Sunday's until February 2018 but we will be running a set of 4 puppy classes in January 2018 on a Monday evening at our Kingston Vale Venue   -   please let us know if you wish to book for these classes.


Puppies that are well socialised at an early age grow up to be well-balanced, happy, confident members of the Human/Canine world.

In this very important period of their lives your puppy will have the opportunity for supervised socialising with people and other puppies. They will learn the importance of “canine-communication”.  You will learn to read your dog’s body-language (a must for enhancing the bond between you).

We are unlike many other Puppy Classes where classes consist of anything up to 15 puppies running loose in out of control play sessions which could very quickly turn into a bad experience for your puppy. This is the most impressionable time of your puppy’s life and bad experiences should be avoided at all costs that is why here at capablecanines our puppy classes are structured in such a way as to give your puppy the best possible positive experiences that are so important to their development. Any puppy aged from 8-weeks (providing that they have had 7-clear days after their 1st vaccination is welcome to our puppy classes. Puppies must complete the set of 4-classes by the time that they are 18-weeks of age.

In groups of no more than 8 Puppies, You will learn about:

Our puppy classes consist of 4 consecutive classes to enable us to cover all of the topics/training exercises listed.  The 1st class lasts for 90-minutes with the next 3 classes lasting 75-minutes. In addition to these 4 classes there will be an optional extra hour long class in an outside environment i.e. a park/common.  This class is usually held at the end of the 4 sessions and will consist of recall, leadwalking and socialisation.


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